Why Do You Need SALDA?

Short answer: To give you financial freedom (*).

Crypto trading is not easy. It requires a lot of research, analysis, charts studying and much more. It also requires iron nerves, laser focus and countless trial and error attempts. Right? Then if you do your job right, you need to invest your money and take the risk.

All this is suppsedly done in a manual manner. Because you are human, you are subject to feelings like fear and greed which are the 2 most important factors in causing losses. This is where SLADA comes in.

IMPORTANT: (*): We do not promise you a Lambo the next day, or the next month. Please read the info on this website carefully, and navigate through our help desk where you can find FAQs and articles about SALDA. If you expect to become a millionaire 1 week after depositing your $100, please think again. You can calculate the possible monthly profit you can receive by clicking here and using the calculator tool.

How it Works

SALDA is a robot. It is an artificial intelligence software written for the sole purpose of trading crypto currencies. SALDA does not have feelings, no fear, no greed, nothing. It cannot feel tired or sleepy which means it can perform 24/7/365 a year with the same energy but with better output, because robots can learn and enhance their knowledge.

SALDA Crypto AI Robot Animation

We’ve built a platform that makes you guaranteed (link: guaranteed?) passive income.

SALDA searches every coin and token on the market with every available trading pair to try and find a suitable buy/sell opportunity.

  • Search among 38'000+ crypto pairs

  • Only Sell For Profit

  • Search. Buy. Sell. Make Money. Repeat.


Artificial intelligence is advanced and can learn quickly. Check out some of what SALDA has to offer

Monthly Profit
Monthly Profit

SALDA's method of work guarantees you a monthly profit. Altough we cannot promise a fixed number or fixed percentage, but we 100% guarantee that you get monthly profit when you stake your asset with SALDA. Read more here

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

Your assets are 100% secure and backed by our reserve of Bitcoin and hard cryptocurrencies. You will never lose. Read more here

Referral Program
Referral Program

Share this URL with your friends, you earn 5% when they make a deposit and they earn additional 5% on their deposit. Example: Your friend signs up using your referral link, and then makes a deposit of $1000, You get $50 bonus.

Universal Access
Universal Access

SALDA is accessible from any PC or smartphone with a working internet connection. You can access your SALDA account from work, home or vacation. It works on all operating systems.

Secure Storage
Secure Storage

All information and data on SALDA servers are securely stored. We use the latest and most powerful encryption technologies to ensure unmatched protection.

Low Cost
Low Cost

SALDA costs you nothing. That's right. Zero! When you deposit and stake your assets, it automatically starts working for you, free of charge. The fee SALDA takes is from the profit, ZERO cost on you! Read more here

Strategic Reserve

SALDA holds a strategic reserve in crypto and stable coins The portfolio is divided as shown below. The same map is used with each purchase we make. Learn more here

  • 65% Bitcoin
  • 20% Ethereum
  • 5% BNB
  • 10% Stable Coin (USDT TRC20)

Present & Future

SALDA is a work in progress. We aim high and big. Check our projected roadmap